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NEW Decorating Kits for 2019

Unicorn Color Whip

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Transform ordinary eggs into something truly stunning with PAAS® Unicorn Color Whip. 

Shimmering Pearl

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PAAS® Shimmering Pearl Decorating kit allows you to create elegant Easter Eggs that children and adults alike will adore!


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PAAS® Fingerprints transforms ordinary eggs into adorable family keepsakes. Empty the yolk inside the egg before coloring, and these keepsakes will last through the ages.


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This easy-to-use plastic egg whisker is perfect for little hands to use, and keep the egg completely secure while it’s dyed. Don’t worry about cracking the shell or splashing the dye again! The cute chick and bunny shape add to the Easter fun while you decorate your eggs!


9-in-1 Color & Crafting Kit

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Decorate a dozen eggs a dozen different ways with this PAAS® 9 in 1 Color & Crafting Kit. This kit is perfect for the whole family! Decorating activities include dyeing, glitter, speckle, bead, stickers, stripe, draw, paint and sequins.


Ultimate Coloring Kit

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PAAS® Ultimate Coloring Kit has everything your family needs to create  dozens of vibrant Easter eggs. This kit is the Ultimate color-enthusiasts best friend.